New Jersey rocks on

I stumbled onto this band doing a gig at Chamber 43 in my hometown of Highland Park, NJ . The album artwork and a frenetic video clip on FB got me excited. Francie Moon has something special—the voice, riffs, energy, and attitude nod towards generations of great rockers, while pointing towards the future of rocking. If I knew more about rock, I’d give specifics. But suffice to say, they make Jersey proud.

What’s hot in Mongolia right now

I’m a big fan of the Daily Top 100 lists on Apple Music. This song is number 11 in Mongolia. It’s got a nice early 2000s rap vibe. And this video has wolves chasing buffaloes. 

This next video is out of control. I wish I knew what was happening. It also involves a culturally insensitive Cardi B impersonator I think... 


I’m not digging deep into the Hip Hop scene here but I’m interested.